Sky HD – Single Feed Mode

By Jason Hill


If you’ve got a ‘single feed’ – that is, one wire plugged-in to the “Dish Input 1” at the back of the box, and nothing plugged-in to “Dish Input 2”.

If you are in that scenario and you are getting a “No Satellite Signal Received (28)” error, do the following (assuming you have the new menu system)…


* Make sure your sky cable is plugged into “Dish Input 1”

* Press Services on your remote
* Press Right-Arrow and highlight “Settings”
* Press Down-Arrow and highlight “Picture”
* Press 0, 1, Select
* The “Setup” tab will now appear
* Scroll down and select the “Single Feed Mode” option
* Press the Right-Arrow and change it from ‘OFF’ to ‘ON’
* Press the Green Button to Save the settings
* A ‘Caution’ message will appear… Press ‘Select’
* Your system will now switch-off/reboot
* Leave it for a couple of minutes
* Press the Sky button to bring it back to life

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