By Jason Hill

I have included the information below as it may help you setup your new GiffGaff sim, i will continue to add to this page.
You can also find support on their site GiffGaff Support

Internet & Picture Msg Settings:

This is method is valid for all versions of iphones

Here are the settings you should input under Settings>General>Network>Cellular Data Network

For MMS the latest iPhone specifics are:
Username: vertigo
Password: password
MMS Proxy:
MMS Max Message Size: 2097152

Once that is done go to Settings>Messages
and check that “MMS Messaging is turned ON

Then Switch your iPhone OFF and then back on.

Other Phones :

If you don’t receive the text message above you might need to prompt the system to send it to you. This is really easy to do, simply text the word ‘Settings‘ to the number 2020 and you’ll receive a text message back with the internet and MMS settings.

You’ll be asked ‘do you want to save these settings? Yes or No’. Select Yes and that’s it, you’re now giffgaffed (see, I told you it was really easy).

OR Manual Settings


Username = giffgaff
Password = password
Proxy server/URL =
Proxy Port = 8080

Nokia Lumia Phone Family Setup (Internet/MMS/Marketplace)


1. )Install/Download the Nokia Network Setup application
2.) Start the application and click on the + to add a new APN and use the settings below

Name: GiffGaff 2

Internet APN

Access Point Name –
Username – giffgaff
Password – password
– Leave the proxy address and proxy port blank


Access Point Name –
Username – giffgaff
Password – password
Proxy address –
Proxy port – 8080


3.) Select your new APN settings (GiffGaff 2 or whatever you called it) as your chosen settings.
4.) Reset phone

(Also make sure you have credit in your account even if you have bought a goody bag as MMS/picture messages are always chargable)

* * Extra internet & MMS support & Windows Phones * *

Setting up your voicemail:

When you join giffgaff, your voicemail is automatically ‘switched on’.

First up, to access your voicemail:

  • · The number to access your voicemail is ‘443’ (spells GIF) or direct dial your mobile number ie +44 7xxx xxxxxx
  • · You’ll be asked to leave a personalised outgoing message – this is the message your caller will hear when you’re not able to take their call
  • · You’ll be asked to set up a PIN – this protects your voicemail. You’ll need to know your PIN if you ever need to access your voicemail from another mobile/Landline also sometimes* when you’re overseas

Sim Pin Code:

The PIN code (Personal Identification Number) can be enabled to prevent unauthorised access to your giffgaff SIM.

The default PIN at point of manufacture for your giffgaff mobile SIM is 5555.

When enabled, your PIN code is requested when you switch your mobile on or when you insert your SIM into a compatible mobile. You have three attempts to enter the PIN code into your mobile correctly before the mobile requests a PUK codeto reset it.

Call Waiting:

Call waiting
activate call waiting
Call waiting
cancel call waiting
Call waiting

(All information and pricing subject to change)

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